Knowledge Mobilization and Interdisciplinarity: A rant

After more than 10 years of Knowledge Mobilization being promoted as a crucial mindset for the advancement of knowledge, it might be healthy to ask ourselves: How are we doing? Is the adoption of KMb by funding agencies enough? is proposing atomized formats for dissemination of research (e.g., 3MT, SSHRC Storytellers), or rewarding media attention towards academic institutions (e.g., PSI) really positive? Are we being successful in mobilizing knowledge within the department of Language and Literacy Education? In my presentation, I will present the argument that all these efforts take part of an empty discourse regarding knowledge mobilization as long as our understanding of openness and collaboration remains the same, as long as what we deem as academically relevant or important is not reevaluated, and as long as policymakers and academic institutions do not change the academic reward system of tenure and promotion. This presentation will be delivered in the format of an agitated — yet respectful— rant and aims to spark serious conversations about these issues.

The full text of this talk can be found here.

Peña, E. (2017). Knowledge Mobilization and Interdisciplinarity: A rant. Presented at the Re-animating & Re-searching: Mobilizing Knowledge in Education, Vancouver, B.C. Canada: University of British Columbia.