Hiding in Plain Sight: Material Tools, Digital Processes, and Missing Pedagogy

Abstract: “This symposium interweaves three initiatives intended to enhance digital literacies in schools and communities using arts-based research practices to develop accessible tools and venues for knowledge mobilization and creative self-expression. The PhoneMe project facilitates the creation and publication of site-specific poetry using mobile phones to record the analogue voice of the author in situ, giving both verbal and ambient content and context to the written word. The work on maker-spaces and future narratives provide a collaborative forum for the creation of objects while calling into question how such objects would function in the world, and brings up ethical questions regarding the object’s creation and future use. The transmediation paper explores ways in which the synaesthetic affordances of computers can be used to enhance human perception of material phenomena so that we can see differences in sound or hear differences in visual media. These projects transcend the typical and intended use of technologies and therefore function as pedagogical as well as artistic engagements, stimulating critical dialogue. This symposium will include presentation of findings, sharing of creative works, and demonstrations of research processes.”

Presented with Amber Moore, Rachel Horst, Natalia Balyasnikova and Yuya Takeda.

Cover photo by Kedrick James